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The Bee High on Life Podcast 

It has been a dream of Kelly's for several years to host a podcast and another dream is coming true!

Welcome to the Bee High on Life Podcast!

A podcast for women to transform from strongholds in health, finances/business and relationships to success and significance so they can Bee High on Life and life alone, to live the victorious life God intended.

Remove the sting of life and find your Joy!

Transcription of Episodes

Episode 000
Episode 004
Episode 008
Episode 012
Episode 016
Episode 001
Episode 005
Episode 009
Episode 013
Episode 002
Episode 006
Episode 010
Episode 014
Episode 003
Episode 007
Episode 011
Episode 015

Meet Kelly's guests,  Resources and more info...

Episode 006 - Sohma Rae Hathaway
Sohma is an accomplished artist, a singer/songwriter, a published author of the book, “Finding Diamonds in Dungeons: A journey through heartache and loss to a compelling view of pain's purpose”; a true overcomer and so much more.
Renee1 headshot crop.png
Episode 010 - Renee Vidor

Renee Vidor is a coach, dynamic speaker, community creator and published author of the book, Measuring UP: How to Win in a World of Comparison. Renee helps individuals and organizations discover how to be who they're created to be, so they can do what they're designed to do.

Other Resources mentioned on the show

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