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Kelly joined the Education Field in 1996 having no idea the impact this would have on her life and future. While part of her studies at Oklahoma State University focused on Early Childhood Education, she had no idea at the time what a powerful part this would play in her life journey. 

Classroom Experience

Kelly began teaching with three and four-year old's in the late 90's to 2001.  At that time Kelly had started a family and left the classroom, but still worked with children in a profound way through the CASA Program (Court Appointed Special Advocates.) Kelly advocated for the best interest of children in the court system. 

In late 2006, Kelly had the opportunity to return to the Educational side of working with children and hasn't turned back. She became an Education Coach working in classrooms alongside educators to model best practices and serve as an instructional support coach and professional development coach. 


In an effort to spread the need for transformation in education Kelly has created coaching, consulting and contracting options for your school administration, teachers and staff. 

Kelly offers THREE TIERS of transformational assistance to schools.


TIER ONE - CONSULTATION - Kelly will visit your school or organization to access the current status, needs of students, teachers, staff and administration, to determine the needs of all involved. Together, a plan will be created, based on this consultation. Kelly is available for quarterly reviews to assess progress. 

TIER TWO - CONSULTATION/COACHING-As in TIER ONE, Kelly will visit your school to assess current status, needs, etc., as well as create a plan of action. However, in TIER TWO, Kelly not only consults on the creation of the plan, but provides coaching and guidance to implement the plan through monthly touch points, via in-person, zoom (or other virtual contact)

TIER THREE - CONSULTATION/COACHING/FULL YEAR CONTRACT SERVICE - This TIER includes all of TIERS ONE AND TWO, but is much more in depth. A ONE-YEAR contract is signed and weekly touchpoints are made with selected teacher, staff and administrators. This includes, site assessment, plan of action creation and implementation, as well as the weekly  touch points. "

The weekly touch points have proven to be the real game changer." According to Kelly


Kelly is passionate about serving children, families and teachers in a variety of ways. From modeling best practices and how to deal with challenging behaviors in the classroom, to brain research and development and transformational leadership. Kelly combines her over 23 years of service and experience in the Education Field to impact education for the future. 

Kelly's passion for leadership has helped her grow a strong passion for teacher's and other educators to be the best leader they can be for self and others. According to Kelly, "Life is a continual process of transformation. The more intentional we are about the process, the more we will achieve success and significance for self and others on our journey."

Kelly shares that she has learned the critical importance of teachers becoming their BEST self in order to teach children to be their BEST selves. 

As Kelly shares, "We can't teach what we don't know. If I don't know how to count to ten or, know the alphabet, how could I possibly teach you?"

The one thing many humans are missing, especially in modern time, is the ability to self-regulate the brain. 

Teachers who are able to self-regulate and calm their brain create a sense of safety for the child in the classroom. Through safety the teacher can then build a connection and rapport with teh child. Only once a child feels safe and connected is the child able to fully access the learning centers of the brain to learn and grow properly. 

Kelly has been trained and uses the Conscious Discipline method for over ten years. She has attended CD1 training in Orlando, FL under the direction of Conscious Discipline Creator, Dr. Becky Bailey. 

"Conscious Discipline truly has played a huge role in changing my life over the past ten years." Kelly said. "While it was a combination of several shifts in my life, Conscious Discipline, created a personal and professional shift that led to tremendous transformation. 


Kelly is available for various training and speaking engagements, from small groups of ten up to hundreds.  Most training focuses on transformational and leadership change that can be implemented in the classroom environment for overall impact. 

Please contact us for more detailed information on training and speaking availability, topics, etc. 

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