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Kelly Renee' Baker



Transform your life from strongholds to success and significance 

Hi! I am Kelly Renee' Baker. I am a Certified Professional Life Coach. I am passionate about empowering individuals, businesses and organizations to transform from strongholds to higher levels of success and significance so they can live victorious lives as Champions and Bee High on Life. 


I understand what it's like to struggle, feel insignificant and unworthy in life. My life was defined by that "not good enough," feeling for over 35 years. I don't ever want anyone else to feel that way, but I know it happens every day. Struggle is a part of life, but it is what we learn to do with the struggle that really matters. 

Some people think that being a positive and optimistic person is "annoying," or "fake," but I am here to tell you it isn't (not fake anyway! lol) Being positive, and meaning it, is truly life changing and life saving. Positivity, coupled with self-awareness, are the first steps leading you to a transformed life of significance and success.

I have learned to be a Victorious Champion and to Bee High on Life. I want the same for you! 

What does this mean, to be a Victorious Champion and Bee High on Life?

Long before I even started writing my second book I knew what the title was going to be. I also knew this title was also going to be the tagline for my business, "Bee High on Life." So what does this mean? In a nutshell, it means you choose to be joyful in life no matter what comes your way. The reason this wasn't my first book is I saw the need for individuals to defeat their greatest opponent and decide to live a victorious life, before they could choose to Bee High on Life.

This exemplifies how I attempt to live my life each day,victorious and joyful. 

Am I perfect? Noooo. Is life perfect? No.  Is life easy? No. Regardless of circumstances life can be joyous and you can be victorious. 

I am here to help you in your personal life, your business or other organization. There's always room to stretch and grow. 


So, you, like many, wonder why I refer to myself as Queen Bee, rather than Owner, CEO, Chief, etc. The reason is my ex-husband calls me Queen B, but as you can likely imagine it isn't in a positive manner. I am all about turning negative's into positives, so that is what I did! 

I also like the term in reference to bee's and the Queen being in charge of the hive. I have a tribe of followers and I am passionate about leadership so this was one more reason to use the title, Queen Bee. 

And, I can be a bit of a Diva, so I figured  why not be a Queen?! 



Kelly has been featured and interviewed online, on podcasts, and Voice America TV. Click the links below to watch/listen to Kelly's interviews. 

Interview with Publisher Kary Oberbrunner, discussing, Defeating Your Greatest Opponent 

Kelly's interview begins around the 50 minute mark. 

Interview with Maria Tomas-Keegan on Voice America TV, discussing Defeating Your Greatest Opponent and The Power You Hold Within 

Interview with Brian Wagner, on Stroke of Genius, discussing health matters and life. 

Interview with J.M. Huxley on the Color Speak Podcast, discussing, Defeating Your Greatest Opponent 


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